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Innovative drainage and ditching solutions for you

Living in the Pacific Northwest demands great attention to detail when it comes to your drainage needs. When put to the test, proper drainage is the first and final line of defense when it comes to protecting your property. Furthermore, proper drainage ensures that you will be able to utilize your property throughout the wettest months of the year. Curtis Excavation makes both a science and art out of even the most challenging drainage needs. We are well equipped to be put to the Pacific Northwest Weather test. Let us help you manage your drainage needs.

Commercial and Residential

Curtis Excavation's crew is well versed in the needs of both Commercial and Residential clients. Whether it be working in and around high production mill sites, or sensitive landscapes at your home, we have the skills, tools, and equipment to create a seamless experience.

We provide a full range of drainage and ditching services and have the experience and operational skills to complete any job.

Our other services

Drainage Design

We can construct drainage systems from pre-engineered designs as well as design "in house".  Our staff is well equipped to take a problem and quicly turn it into a solution.

Let us use our expertise to help you complete your construction project.



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