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Ensure your driveway looks and functions its best

A quality driveway goes far beyond the simplistic function of connecting your home to the rest of the community in which you reside. Curtis Excavation excels in not only providing our clients with function, but also long term durability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. A driveway that has adequate base material, proper sloping/ditching, and an overall flow that blends in with existing landscapes creating a seamless driving experience is what driveway construction means to our staff at Curtis Excavation.

Affordable and cost-effective

Putting in a new driveway is a necessary expense in order to utilize your property. We provide thorough consultation to our clients in order to create a balance between cost and long term value. Ask us for a FREE estimate for your project.

Let us give you a durable driveway that best fits your lifestyle and your family's needs.

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Quality materials

Your driveway is one of the most vital structures on your property and we value proper design and the application specific materials to ensure your home is easily accessible for years to come.

Discover all the benefits of putting in a new driveway or maintaining an existing one with us by your side.



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Specialized Spreader Bar For Maintaining Existing Driveways